Office Space Overview

Why choose Ransom Wood over any other office park?

rw1Quite simply you just won’t find another location quite like this one.  Avoid the hustle and bustle of rush-hour by coming to work in this amazing woodland setting. Enjoy the leafy vista and the wealth of wildlife from your window, as you work in our comfortable, high quality offices.

You can be certain that customers will relax and be impressed by the tranquil setting when they arrive on site. Ransom Wood offices are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit client requirements.

Most office parks are ‘concrete jungles’ with a mix of warehouses, factories and offices all overlooking each other. Ransom Wood really is different. The office buildings are separated by natural green breaks which create an element of seclusion not found on other sites.

Pricing & Leases

rw2We have a number of options available on leases depending on the building that you are interested in. This includes easy in easy out leases on our smaller units and traditional leases on larger ones.

The traditional leases have three elements – rent, service charge and security charge. The easy in easy out leases are an all inclusive price which include rent, services and security.


Service Charge:- Ransom Wood offers its clients a variety of services including building management, gardening and window cleaning. These are all services provided for and included in the service charge for the majority of buildings. Our service charge varies depending on the building that you choose to lease. For example, in our new builds this includes the servicing of the lifts and the comfort cooling.

Security Charge:- Security for your business is one of our key priorities. As well as park wide security cameras we employ guards and dogs from 6am to 6pm each evening. The security charge covers this expense.

Growing With Your Business

rw3If you do choose to move here and your business grows out of the office space you have at Ransom Wood, we will work with you to accommodate your changing requirements.

Similarly, if your business needs to downsize we will source alternative accommodation on site – whether it be new or more traditional buildings on the park, so you won’t have to go through any  upheaval.


If you are interested in finding out more about Ransom Wood and our current office space availability, please contact us on 01623 675304675326 or book a viewing.