Businesses Based Here

Businesses Based Here

Ransom Wood is a thriving community made up of private businesses, public sector organisations and charities. If you move to Ransom Wood you will benefit from the community of businesses on our site who will all help you and your business to grow. We now have over 70 businesses on site and hold regular events to give people the chance to meet such as a regular summer bbq, drinks at Christmas and other ad hoc events. We value the residents on site and  try and go the extra mile to make them know they are special   – hampers at Christmas are just one of the little surprises we have in store for you if you move here.

To find out more about moving to Ransom Wood please contact us on 01623 675304675326 or email

Businesses at Ransom Wood

123 Taxis – Oak House A

20i – Laurel House

A B Property Management – Ash House

A Whole Life – Ransom Hall South

Acer Brickwork – Oak House A

Aches and Sprains – The Firs

Applied Cooling Solutions – Ash House

Atkins James Group – Ransom Hall

Atom IT Solutions – Ransom Hall South

BMI Healthcare – The Willows

BFS Accountants – Oak House B

Brides & Mothers Designer Wedding Outlet – Ransom Hall South

Business Improvement Techniques – Ransom Hall

CNCS – Birch House

Can You Dance? – Oak House B

Car Parking & Select Services – Ransom Hall South

Cloud 9 Design – Ransom Hall South

Carlton Hill – Ransom Hall South

Charles Dean Ltd – Oak House A

Challenge Consultancy – Ransom Hall South

Concrew Training – Ransom Hall South

Corporate Clothing – Ash House

Dalmatian Systems – Ransom Hall South

Diamond Soft Furnishings – Oak House A

Dukeries Entertainments – Ransom Hall West (1st Floor) – Oak House B

EliGrass – Ransom Hall South

Elite Contractor Accountancy – Ransom Hall East

Energy Billing Ltd – Oak House B

Eventure Internet – Ransom Hall South

Evolve Trust – Ransom Hall South

Exemplar Homecare – Ash House

Finning – The Willows

Fibresand International – Ransom Hall South

FMC Fleettrak – Ransom Hall South

Frontline Driver Solutions – Oak House B

GE Power & Water – The Willows

Greenolysis – Ransom Hall South

Grow United Ltd – Ransom Hall South

Habia Cable – Oak House A

Hall Ward – Ash House

Ideal Energy – Ransom Hall South

Infinite AV – Ransom Hall South

Innov8 – Suite 1A, The Willows

Innovate Wealth Management – Ransom Hall South

Interhealth and Beauty – The Firs

Inter-Mind – Ash House

J B Electrical & Plumbing  – Ransom Hall East

Joanne Thurman Personal Trainer – The Firs

Jobar Europe – Ransom Hall South

Joshua PR – Ransom Hall South

Kaboom Marketing – Ransom Hall South

Kings Clipstone Brewery – The Old Mortuary

Kwizbiz – Oak House A

LHD Car – Ransom Hall South

Lasting Impressions – Ransom Hall South

Leisure Safety Training – Oak House B

Linda’s Tailoring – Oak House A

Lucid IT Solutions – Ransom Hall South

Low Cost Consulting – Ransom Hall South

MAC – Ransom Hall South

Mansfield 2020 – Ransom Hall South

Mansfield Interior Solutions – Ransom Hall South

NHS Nottinghamshire County – Birch House, Hawthorn House

Nottingham Property Rentals – Ransom Hall

Notts Electrical – Oak House A

Nottingham CityCare – The Willows

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service – Pine House, Laurel House

NCF – Pine House

Origins Marketing & Consulting – Ransom Hall South

PIRO – Ransom Hall South

P W Process Ltd – Ash House

Premier Partnership – Oak House B

Pro Risk Safety – Ransom Hall East (1st Floor)

Priya Properties – Ransom Hall South

Psychometric Testing Solutions – Ransom Hall East (1st Floor)

Q Collection – Laurel House

Ransomwood Estates – Ransom Hall South

Rebalance Massage – The Firs

Redbrick Structural Engineers – Ransom Hall South

Richardson EWI – Ransom Hall West

Rippon Homes – The Willows

Romira – Oak House A

Rosebery Accountancy – Ransom Hall South

R K Services – Ransom Hall West (1st Floor)

SF Media Solutions – Ash House

Salsus Design – Ransom Hall West (1st Floor)

Severfield – Ransom Hall West (1st Floor)

Simply Owners Ltd – Ransom Hall South

Simpson and West Lettings Ltd – Ransom Hall South

Sorcit Limited – Ransom Hall South

Specialised Engineering – Oak House A

Spectrum WASP – Ransom Hall East (1st Floor)

The Arborist – Unit 9

The Message Mill – Ransom Hall South

The Northern Path – Ransom Hall South

The Roe Group – Oak House A

Visioncall – The Willows

Vistech Limited – Ransom Hall South

VFit Physiotherapy – The Firs

WAM – Ransom Hall South

Woodland Acupuncture – The Firs

Xenpack Consulting – Ransom Hall South

Welcome to The Northern Path

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Welcome to The Northern Path

We’re very pleased to welcome Steve Smith and his company The Northern Path to their new office in Ransom Hall. The Northern Path, are a Sage accredited business partner based in Newcastle upon Tyne and now in the Midlands, specialising in Sage solutions across their entire product range.  Their key strength is that the team is made up of ex-Sage employees and as a result they have extensive knowledge available in the local market place which is second to none. The Northern Path team while working at Sage supported, built and delivered a number of the key products such as Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage Payroll, Sage CRM and a number of add on modules such as Manufacturing and Project Accounting. As a Sage Business Partner they specialise in Sage’s Accounting Software, however they also provide other services such as Business Process Reviews, Business Development Training, Project Management and more. Steve Smith, Director commented “Having worked with Ransomwood in the past, we knew that basing our Midlands office here would be the right choice and we would be looked after by their friendly team.  In addition to this, overlooking the Ransom Wood scenery allows for a calm and tranquil working environment which is hard to come by in this day and age making it the perfect place for us to bury our roots”. For a full list on what The Northern Path can do and how they can help your business, please check their website for more information at...

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An Introduction to Health Kinesiology at Ransom Wood

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An Introduction to Health Kinesiology at Ransom Wood

At our Wellness Centre, The Firs, Julie Tasker from J T Healing has a special offer to introduce us to Health Kinesiology.  So what is Health Kinesiology? Health Kinesiology is a complementary healthcare therapy which looks to rebalance the body’s energy system.  It works well with other therapies both as client and if you are trained in any other therapies including physiotherapy, acupuncture etc. Quite simply it is the study of muscles and body movement. This system monitors muscle movement in order to determine the information that will allow the therapist to identify a course of action to encourage well-being. Each session may differ as the work is tailored to your own BioEnergetic wisdom. Health Kinesiology may help the body to gain BioEnergetic balance and a sense of well-being. If you would like to come along to the introduction day on Saturday 22nd November please contact Julie on 07947 102 645 Email: Cost is only £30 per person for the day...

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Patrick Makes A Splash

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Patrick Makes A Splash

Well done to Patrick Smith from Joshua PR who has recently completed a big challenge he set for himself.  A few weeks ago Patrick was one of a relay team of four people who swam the English Channel.   He arrived in Dover on a Sunday morning to meet the team and after a bit of a wobbly start when he started to feel a bit nervous the team set off late on the Tuesday evening.  At around midnight the team arrived at their start point and to Patrick’s surprise had nominated him to be the first to dip his toe in.  Patrick swam his first leg in the pitch black under the stars and then returned to the boat for the others to take their turns.  By dawn it was his time again.  The team were doing really well, only 3 miles from France when the tide turned and poor Patrick felt he was swimming sideways to beat the strong current. After just 14 hours and 43 minutes it was mission accomplished as they arrived in France.  What an amazing achievement the team must have felt. Patrick has written a fantastic blog about the whole experience and it really is well worth a read, click below for further details. And why does he do this?  Not for charity, he simply does it to keep himself fit and prove he can undertake the challenge.  He’s also swam the length of Windermere too! So if you want to talk swimming or even PR (or how they might combine) you can find Patrick in Oak House A here at Ransom Wood. Patrick Smith Mob: +44 7734 600553...

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Welcome to Salsus Design

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Welcome to Salsus Design

We’re pleased to welcome Salsus Design to their new office in Ransom Hall in our woodland setting here at Ransom Wood. Salsus Design provides product and industrial design services to companies that have ideas for new or existing products that they wish to see realised.  They work on tangible aspects such as how will a product look, feel, be assembled and packaged whilst aiming to inject the intangible spark that makes people think “I want one” or “I want to try that”. Lead designer, Adam Gordon-Stables, has over 14 years experience in the industry, designing many different products that are in use today.  He has also helped bring many of them into mass-production. Great design adds desirability and quality to your products, making them easier to market, increasing your sales volume and profit. So why did they choose Ransom Wood for their office?  Adam commented “The attractive environment with great on-site facilities backed up by a friendly, approachable and helpful management team and competitive rates made the decision for me.  The positive community feel I’ve experienced since moving in makes me feel justified in my decision” James Cannon, M.D. added “Salsus Design are such an exciting company with some fantastic ideas and we look forward to working with them”. If you would like to have a chat with Salsus give them a call on 07939 555208 or e-mail...

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Welcome Choccycocochic!

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Welcome Choccycocochic!

We’re pleased to welcome Karen Ball and her company Choccycocochic to her new premises in Ash House here at Ransom Wood. Choccycocochic launched in May 2012, hosting home-based chocolate making parties and courses in the Nottinghamshire area.  The courses are for male and female and parties are for both children and adults.  The parties are ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, hen parties or just a girls night. Karen also runs courses, workshops and parties at the premises and prices start from just £10 per child and £12 per adult.  Chocolate making can be fantastic fun without being messy and it is also very easy to make your own choccy items that taste absolutely delicious.  Everything you need is provided and you will take home everything you make! The chocolate bistro ‘Choccy Coco Bliss’ is open for visitors to pop in for something chocolatey on Tuesday’s 10.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. and Friday’s 10.30 a..m. – 6.30 p.m. Saturday Fun Days are every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month when you can call in between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon to make a few chocolate treats.  Adults £7 Children £5 (no booking required). Karen Ball commented “I chose Ransom Wood for our premises because I love the beautiful setting, the location and the friendly people”. Karen will be hosting an open day at Ash House on Saturday 4th January from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. She is giving a 10% discount on this day for bookings made for 2014. Why not call in for a free hot chocolate or milkshake and see one of her demonstrations which start at 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. Tel 07772 842117 for further details or to make a booking....

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Expert Tailoring Services Now Available at Ash House

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Expert Tailoring Services Now Available at Ash House

Linda Bryan and her company, Linda’s Tailoring, have recently moved into Ash House at Ransom Wood.  Linda provides a high quality service for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Whether you require alterations or repairs for your clothing, or want to spruce up a party outfit with a special style, you can rely on ‘Linda’s Tailoring’ to do the job for you, all at an affordable price subject to the initial free consultation. Services include custom-made clothing and party outfits, soft furnishing repairs & alterations, including curtains, cushions and seat covers, zip replacements and invisible mending and alterations to any type of clothing. Linda commented, “I chose Ransom Wood as it provided me with a central location for my business and easy access, along with ample parking for my customers”. Contact Linda on 01623 645169 or 07578 255821 or visit her web site for further information...

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Welcome to Efficient By Design

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Welcome to Efficient By Design

We’re pleased to welcome Efficient By Design to Oak House.  Andy McHugh and his team are a management consultancy specialising in packaging and brand graphics production.  With over 25 years experience working with some of the largest and most well-respected brands in the world, we help brand-owners to maximise efficiencies and to improve quality at every stage of the brand graphics process. Andy McHugh said “we chose Ransom Wood for our office because of its central location, great surroundings, and overall cost of the package along with no long term contract which was ideal”. As independent consultants, our advice and recommendations are based on what’s best for your business – not on fulfilling our own agendas. With our unparalleled commercial and technical understanding of the graphics industry, we are in a unique position to deliver this. James Cannon commented “welcome to Andy and his team who bring another consultancy business to the park, we wish them well and hope he can assist some of us in our projects”.

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Relaxing With Nature at The Firs

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Relaxing With Nature at The Firs

Nestled in the heart of the park is The Firs which is currently being transformed into a centre of wellbeing, a welcome addition to our existing facilities including our restaurant and childrens nursery. Our tranquil woodland setting is an ideal place for such a centre and gives opportunities for us all to combine work with a healthy life style.  The park already gives you the chance to refresh and invigorate yourself in the woodland and this new centre will expand on this with its indoor space. This means that whatever the weather you will be able to combine work and a healthy lifestyle. The line up so far for The Firs includes physiotherapy from Vfit and reflexology, shiatsu, massage and yoga from JT Healing. If the stress of the working day is getting your down then pop down to The Firs and see Julie at J T Healing who is now offering a range of complementary therapies including reflexology, healing, shiatsu and massage.  Coming soon in early 2014 she will also be offering yoga. Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Julie also offers tutoring and mentoring. Julie is a qualified teacher and complementary therapist and enjoys the variety of life and helping others to release their stresses, gain awareness of themselves and their physical/energetic body. This year Julie takes on role of a Vice President with The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).  She hopes to help encourage the integration of complementary therapies into the healthcare system and believes everyone should be able to access the therapies equally rather than biased towards those who can afford to. Julie commented “I chose The Firs as it is a professional business setting based in wonderful woodland surroundings.  It’s really appropriate for offering complementary therapies and a good role model for my students. The team from Ransomwood have been very welcoming, friendly and accommodating.” Joining Julie in The Firs will be VFit Physiotherapy, a new physiotherapy and sports injury clinic run by Vee Seewoochurn.  VFit has many years experience in treating muscle and joint problems and their team take a holistic approach to expertly assess and diagnose the cause of your complaint before tailoring a treatment programme for you. James Cannon, M.D. of Ransomwood Estates commented “we’re really pleased to welcome Julie and Vee to The Firs and excited to launch our “Wellbeing Centre” on the park.” In 2014 The Firs will be complimented with more health and lifestyle services and we look forward to welcoming these...

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Welcome Frontline – Driving Your Business Forward

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Welcome Frontline – Driving Your Business Forward

We welcome another new company to the community at Ransom Wood from 1st August.  A new venture for Andrea and Scott, Frontline Driver Solutions are a specialist driving agency covering the Midlands. They specialise in the supply of temporary and permanent HGV Drivers in the following classes. Class 1, Class 2, 7.5 Tonne, Tipper Drivers, Hiab, Van and Forklift Drivers James Cannon commented “we wish Andrea and Scott every success in their new venture.  Oak House is in a great location, its central to the Park and has attracted a number of small companies who were looking for their first office.” Frontline, who will be based in Oak House B, supply drivers for holiday and sickness cover and also additional support during your busiest times.  Their team has an in-depth understanding of the transport and logistics industry and can provide the levels of service that your company expects.  We can be relied upon to source additional staff to complement your current workforce as and when your business dictates. Andrea Vickers, Director said “we chose Ransom Wood for our offices for a number of reasons, the absolutely beautiful setting, very reasonable cost and great facilities.  There is a real community feel to the place, it doesn’t feel like we are at work!” Andrea and Scott at Frontline can be contacted on 07462 193597 or by e-mail on

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Welcome SF Media

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Welcome SF Media

We are pleased to welcome SF Media Solutions to Ransom Wood.  They have recently moved into their offices on the top floor of Oak House B. James Cannon, M.D of Ransomwood Estates said “its great to welcome another forward thinking company to the park.  Our variety of existing tenants is ever expanding and the park now has a wide range of companies that do business together and are within walking distance of each other” SF Media Solutions are Web Marketing and Development specialists. They provide custom web marketing and web development solutions to their clients throughout the UK. Their experienced team have been working in marketing and technical based roles for over a decade, ensuring they have the perfect blend of creativity, marketing knowledge and technical skills. Constantly moving with the times, and keeping up to date – they pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of online marketing and website development. Jamie Fryatt from SF Media commented “We moved into Oak House B in early July. The process was very smooth as the staff at Ransom Wood are very helpful and accommodating. We selected Ransom Wood as we really liked the woodland setting and links with nature. The business park offers something a little different to other business parks or shared office accommodation and is perfect for smaller businesses.”  ...

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