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Elements – Fire is set up as a permanent board room space for the more formal meeting and is a quiet space in Ransom Hall.

The room is themed on the fire element with photographic feature wall paper of a man lighting a fire in the midst of a winter forest.  Read more about the fire element below and you will see that a bit of brainstorming in this room fits well with its characteristics.

About The Elements – Fire

In life and at Ransom Wood, everything is made up of the five basic elements. Life on Earth is possible because of these elements and all creatures are physically made up of these elements. This room is themed on the fire element with photographic feature wall paper of a man warming himself at a fire in a winter woodland.

The fire element represents the capacity for heat and light. Fire is the generator of energy in the body just as the sun is the generator of energy for the earth. Fire represents all sources of energy in the world including solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, fossil fuel and bio-diesel.  Fire is the process of liberating energy from its source. The fire that provides our body with the capacity to digest food.  The fire that ignites the intellect, digests ideas and allows for understanding.

The fire of perception that digests visual impression into recognisable images. The fire that energises and invigorates the body adding colour to the body.   The fire that digests touch and sunlight and gives off the radiance associated with healthy skin. So when you are having your meeting or event in Elements – Fire take a moment to think about the importance of Fire In the World.

Key Features

  • Board Room Layout
  • LED lighting
  • Wifi
  • 55 inch 4k TV available for AV
  • Photographic feature wall
  • Free parking
  • Food and drink provided by Forever Green*
  • Adjoining break out space available*

*additional charge

Room Size

8.14M long, 3.37M wide, 2.22M high (301 square feet)

Room Rates

Half Day£70
Full Day£120
Hourly Rate£20

Room Capacities

Board Room10


Meeting Rooms FAQs

If it snows do you clear the roads?

Our team comes in at around 3am to clear the roads so the park is kept open.

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    Good food

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    Great place for taking pets a walk, lovely cafe with meeting rooms.

  • Pete Edwards


    A great place

  • Daryl Statham-waring


    Brilliant place, they have all sorts of businesses there. A cafe, hypnotherapy, hypnopuncture as well many others. Worth a drive up just to see what's there. Furthermore, it's in lovely surroundings.

  • Jo Harris


    Just go there and walk for miles! Beautiful views from strawberry hill too.

  • T Butler


    Set in beautiful woodland.. a very relaxing place to work.

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