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Internet connectivity at Ransom Wood is supplied by a 500 MB leased line. Having a commercial grade leased line on site means that customers here benefit from synchronous connections (rather than standard business ADSL broadband), giving similar upload and download speeds – ideal for those who upload as much data as they download.  And with regularly monitored contention ratios typical 8:1 or less, there is rarely any complaint about internet speeds on the business park.

Both internet and phone lines at Ransom Wood can be installed within hours of a customer signing their lease, rather than days or weeks with other suppliers.   And with on-site support backed up with specialists in telephony and networking should we need them, we have a fast fault response time. We now look after over 150 extensions and 80 companies that all benefit from our internet service.

Versatility and flexibility are a key part of our systems – we can modify and adapt both telephones and internet quickly to suit your needs, without lengthy order processes and delays while engineer visits are scheduled.  Our telephone system  offers a range of features not available on a standard phone set up.

Our park infrastructure allows us to interconnect offices in different buildings as if they were all in one location, and should you wish to relocate into another office on the park, we can quickly re-route your phones and internet connections for a seamless move.

Key Phone Features

Our internet system has the following features

  • Multi-featured telephone system at a fraction of the cost of a standard phone line
  • On-site support
  • Robust fully monitored network infrastructure
  • Easily modified and adapted to suit your needs

Key Internet Features

Our internet system has the following features

  • Synchronous leased line giving faster upload speeds than standard broadband
  • On-site support
  • Robust fully monitored network infrastructure
  • Easily modified and adapted to suit your needs

Telephone Service FAQs

We have a backup line – can you set up an automatic ‘divert on fail’ to it in case of line failure?

Yes we can, but the failover will only operate if our telephone system goes down on the park or we totally lose our leased line internet connection.    If our system remains connected to our voice provider, but there is another problem somewhere else on the internet that is stopping voice traffic from one or more geographic locations, then the divert on fail will not be activated.  In such circumstances we have no means of setting up a manual divert.

I’m not having an office, but I need a telephone number with an answering service.

We have virtual office packages that include a unique telephone number with answering service.  Ask for details.  

I’m going to need call recording and access to recordings for playback – Can you do that?

Yes, our system has the facility to record calls.  This is a chargeable service.  These will be stored in a folder which you can remotely access.   The cost of set up and the ongoing cost will depend on the volume of calls that you expect to have to store, and the required retention time.  Please note that our current recording system may not fully meet the security requirements of FCA / PCI DSS - please ask for further details.  

We are a call centre, can you do call queueing?

Our system has a specific call queueing system which can be customised to your needs.  As this can be quite involved to set up, there is a one off charge for call queuing configuration.  Subsequent changes are chargeable.  

I want incoming calls to ring my extensions in a particular order – can I do that?

Our system is very versatile and easily customised to suit your needs.  We can have all phones ringing at once, or in a particular order, or in clusters, or if you have more than one incoming number, we can forward these to any extension or group of extensions as you wish.  

Internet Service FAQs

Do you monitor the internet connection? 

We automatically monitor the internet connection for performance and equipment failures, and have personnel on site during normal working hours to assist with any fault rectification.  We regularly review the performance and contention ratio of our services and adjust as necessary.  If you suspect you have a fault, please email itservices@ransomwood.co.uk.

Where can I find my internet settings?  

We will have provided your internet settings when you moved in, and you will find a copy in your tenant information pack.    If you need another copy, just send a request to ITservices@ransomwood.co.uk and we will arrange for a copy to be delivered to your office.  

Does it cost to upgrade to a faster speed?

No, we don’t charge for upgrades, and we can normally upgrade your speed same day.   We don’t charge for downgrading your speed either, so you have maximum flexibility over your usage.   Minimum monthly billing periods apply.  

My connection is too slow for my needs?  

No problem, first we will do a quick check that you are getting the optimum performance out of your equipment, and advise where you might make improvements.   If you still feel you need more bandwidth, then we can move you up to the next available speed.  If you are already on 25Mb, then there is the option to take a dedicated portion of bandwidth, starting at 5Mb 1:1, which means that there is only you in the service, with no-one else to affect your speed.  

Do you provide any IT support?

Our main leased line is supported via the ISP under a leased line service agreement.   We employ a third party Cisco Platinum Network Support partner to maintain the key equipment within the park’s network infrastructure.  In addition, we have staff on site who are able to provide limited assistance to tenants.  We can put you in touch with support partners should you need more in depth assistance than we are able to provide.  

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  • Ransom Wood is such a beautiful place for our office. Not only is it a stunning location but the staff are amazing! We’d be lost without Alison and Sarah on the Business Centre Reception.

    Katie Trinder

    Dalmatian Systems

  • I love this place. I have worked here for the past seven years and I can highly recommend Oak House A.

    Pam Holt

    Diamond Soft Furnishings

  • I think I can speak on behalf of all the ‘newbies’ when I say that we are very pleased to be here and all of us have settled in very easily. The whole of your team are great to deal with at all levels and any matters are dealt with great expedience!

    Keith Winterton, Director

    Bing Electronics

  • You’re all stars and worth your weight in Gold and we Receptionists love and appreciate you !!

    Alison, Receptionist

    NHS Property Services, Birch House

  • Carl, thanks for your help today and over the last few weeks – you’ve been terrific, as have the whole estates maintenance team and it’s very much appreciated.

    Tracy Doucet, Director


  • Hi Jane, Tony the electrician has done exactly what was asked of him and turned it around quickly for me. Fantastic job thanks for your help.

    Karl Beard

    T K Construction

  • Thank you for your help and support, you are always so quick to respond in our hour of need and help wherever and whenever you possibly can.  It’s a pleasure to work on the park with you and all of your team.

    Michelle Edge, Manager

    Cedar House Nursery

  • We here at Focus Management for Business Ltd have been part of the Ransom Wood Business Park community for over four years and we occupy the ground floor of Oak House A & B.  Our experience of ‘living here’ is a very positive one, we find the staff around the business park very friendly and helpful.

    Malcolm Yates, MD

    Focus Management For Business

  • Hi Guys, In all seriousness as an individual I would like to thank you all at Ransom Wood Estates for the fantastic work you have all put in over the bad weather period.

    Sharon Bowskill

    Focus Management

  • You certainly have a wonderful team who work for you. Very impressed with the efficiency of your Workforce.

    Lorraine Gardiner

    Vision West Notts

  • We would like to send our thanks for all the work you have done recently at Cedar House. We were really impressed with your electricians Tony and Ben as to how they refused drinks ( we thought all trades people worked on tea and coffee supplies), how polite and considerate they were and finally how tidy they left our offices.

    Fiona and Sally


  • Thanks very much and it’s been a real pleasure working with you over the years also. As a landlord, you’ve been fantastic – always being helpful and proactive, I wish you and Jane and all the other staff at Ransomwood all the very best.

    Keith Hepple

    British Heart Foundation

  • I wanted to write to express our thanks and appreciation for all the help and support we have had from yourself and other members of your team.

    Elaine Wilson

    Mid Trent Local Cancer Network

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