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3 Ways to Get Healthier in the Office

It ruins our posture, gives us headaches and makes us gain weight. The office can be bad for our health – but what can we do about it? We bring you a few tips for living a healthier life in the office.

Take a seat

Is your office chair giving you backache? Worried that you’re spending too much time sitting down? Try sitting on a fitball !!  Not only does it help your back but it will provide a few laughs around the office.

How does it work? Simply replace your boring office chair with the fitball – then continue to work at your desk as normal. While balancing on the ball, you’re actually performing micro movements in your spine – which helps to protect your lower back.

Essentially, the Wellness Ball is like a space hopper, without the smiley face or the hand grips. And you don’t actually go anywhere – unless you fall off.

Fruit not cake

Your co-workers are making you gain weight – that’s according to recent research by Nutritionist Network, your colleagues can make you gain weight.  A real perils for those calorie counting.

Apparently 89% of office workers are regularly offered snacks by their co-workers – and almost three-quarters find the temptation too much to resist.

But fortunately, Nutritionist Network has a solution – simply replace all those naughty office snacks like birthday cake and Friday doughnuts with a healthy alternative.

So next time it’s your birthday, think of your colleagues’ health – don’t bring a cake into the office, choose something healthy.  (You can always bring a cake as well!)

And stretch…

Another way to combat poor posture and relieve stress is regular stretching throughout the work day.  According to a study at a university in South Carolina the following is recommended.

After arriving at the office try a five minute “move around” after half an hour seated at your desk. You follow this with five minutes of upper-body stretches at 10am, five minutes of wrist exercises at 10:30am, and at 11am – our favourite – five minutes of water bottle weight lifts and calf raises which are recommended as “excellent ways to get a little strength training in the office without drawing too much attention to yourself.”

That’s all very well if you are in your own office but for those of us in open plan it might raise a few eyebrows.

Here at Ransom Wood we are lucky enough to have our unique woodland setting to take a walk at lunch times.  You will find a selection of benches around the park for when you need to take a breather.  Or why not pop along to our restaurant Forever Green for a healthy lunch from our new Summer menu.

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Google Reviews

  • clair meade


    Brilliant place. Nature. Trees. Bliss.

  • Dirk R De Boer


    The old hospital, now a business centre, lots of parking, great surroundings

  • alison smith



  • joyce walsh


    Went for a course. Was easy to find and to park

  • James Oliver


    Went for a coffee.....great location

  • Sarah Dean


    Beautiful peaceful location. A hidden gem!

  • Derek Scott


    Very busy. All types of business are there

  • Sam H


    Lovely business park loads of free parking and plenty of 'hidden gem' businesses, including my favourite - Azure Aesthetics x

  • Neil Holmes


    A great venue

  • Sarah Beaumont


    This is such a beautiful setting for an office. Lovely & peaceful and the Ransomwood team are excellent! The maintenance team are always around if needed, great internet facilities and a fabulous café onsite too. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for premises in the area.

  • Alan Benton


    Nice place for a business meeting

  • 1ndyskies


    I was on a speed awareness course at Ransom Hall, so not the ideal situation. The place however looked lovely. Very tranquil.

  • Ann Revill


    Lovely animals to watch and birds

  • Melvin Crofts


    Lovely place

  • Paul Gillon


    A well maintained business grounds with 100s of offices and a restaurant in the centre. Speed controlled and beautiful woodland surroundings, this place seems to be consistently upgrading.

  • Gareth Childs


    Great park to host a business

  • Dave Watts


    Love this place

  • Maxine Dillon


    We rent an office here and it’s just such a lovely place to drive into everyday

  • Chris Kho


    Still love to walk around. I used to live in the big house at the top of the drive, it was Oak House then and I nursed at Ransom Hospital , Byron Ward which was on the left side of Ransom Hall car park. Oak House used to be Sisters accommodation. I think the main chef lived upstairs when I lived there and just me downstairs mostly. I loved it but had to keep my kitchen door closed because of the squirrels. Loved looking down the drive out of my bedroom and lounge windows, beautiful in Autumn and when it snowed, I worked at Ransom Hospital until it closed in 1987. Wonder why Oak House was later named Ash House? Lovely dining at Forever Green in the grounds whilst I reminisce.

  • Tony Lewis


    Absolutely spot on as regards setting up a virtual office. Really friendly and helpful reception staff, with onsite meeting rooms available if needed. Very pleased.

  • Matthew Sheppard



  • John Redfern


    Good food

  • David Draper


    Great place for taking pets a walk, lovely cafe with meeting rooms.

  • Pete Edwards


    A great place

  • Daryl Statham-waring


    Brilliant place, they have all sorts of businesses there. A cafe, hypnotherapy, hypnopuncture as well many others. Worth a drive up just to see what's there. Furthermore, it's in lovely surroundings.

  • Jo Harris


    Just go there and walk for miles! Beautiful views from strawberry hill too.

  • Philip Merry


    Go experience

  • victoria chandler


    Great place,hidden away

  • T Butler


    Set in beautiful woodland.. a very relaxing place to work.

  • Bec Ward


    Very tranquil here, feel at real ease could get lost in my own thoughts

  • S Curran


    Lots of meeting rooms. Follow signes not sat nav to find entrence as its moved. Plenty of parking.

  • Andy long


    Nice business offices and restaurant

  • Robert West


    Love it. Great setting, and reasonable rents.

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