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Bringing New Life to the Park

This is traditionally the time of year when you would see our team busily delivering bottles of specially chosen wine to say a little thank you to you for being a part of Ransom Wood.  However this year we are going to do something special to signify all your involvement in Ransom Wood that goes a long way beyond wine, even if it is very enjoyable.

With Covid, it’s been a tough year for everyone on the park both personally and in business. Nevertheless, the pandemic has had some positive impacts on the worlds very fragile environment which is now at a tipping point. During lock down we saw more nature on the park than ever before and it reminds us that it can recover if given a chance.  There has never been a year where an environmental project has been more important.

So for this year’s Christmas present to you all we are going to create life and help give back to the environment by planting a tree for every company on the park. Planting a tree is only the beginning. Caring for and appreciating it is something that continues for generations. Our site is as full of nature as it is of our diverse range of bubbly residents and it is thanks to you that it is able to survive and thrive.

In early 2021 we will start planting these trees and if any of you would like to come along and be there to plant some trees with us we would welcome your involvement. Hopefully you will be a part of Ransom Wood for years to come so you can then see your trees grow over time and bear fruit. We plan to plant a good proportion of fruit trees which will be great for the bees and insects as well as allowing us to create jams, jellies, puddings and other products on an ongoing basis.

We were sad not to be able to have a Summer or Christmas event for you all this year but once we are able will plan something special to get everyone together in 2021.

Once again, thank you for being a part of Ransom Wood and we will be in touch in 2021 with an update on the tree planting.

James, Charles and The Ransom Wood Team.

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    Great place for taking pets a walk, lovely cafe with meeting rooms.

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    A great place

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    Brilliant place, they have all sorts of businesses there. A cafe, hypnotherapy, hypnopuncture as well many others. Worth a drive up just to see what's there. Furthermore, it's in lovely surroundings.

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    Just go there and walk for miles! Beautiful views from strawberry hill too.

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    Excellent.. I visited Maria Duerta Ellis for hypnotherapy.. Very nice lady who knows her job.

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    Set in beautiful woodland.. a very relaxing place to work.

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    Very tranquil here, feel at real ease could get lost in my own thoughts

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    Lots of meeting rooms. Follow signes not sat nav to find entrence as its moved. Plenty of parking.

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