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Busy Bees at Ransom Wood

Here at Ransomwood we have ten beehives which are home to our own busy bees. During the Winter there are up to 10,000 bees in each hive and during the Summer months this increases to around 60,000 bees per hive!!

Whether spread on toast or creating the perfect marriage of flavours in cakes, glazes or sauces, honey is one of nature’s finest and most versatile ingredients.

Honey is a high carbohydrate sugar produced by honey bees from flower nectar. The bees consume the nectar from flowers, digest it and store it. The honey isn’t simply raw flower nectar but has interacted with the bees’ enzymes to produce its distinctive flavours.

The bees store honey in honeycomb within their hives – depositing it in wax cells that they then ‘seal off’. It’s then collected by beekeepers and processed for us to enjoy. Honey is a stored food source for the bees which they can return to whenever they need it, particularly in colder months when flowers aren’t in bloom and their food is more scarce.

Once the bees have done the hard work to produce the honey the honeycombs are collected by beekeepers.

The honey is taken from the comb and then filtered to remove any remaining honeycomb or other debris. After this stage, the honey may then be pasteurized or heat-treated to kill off any bacteria, in much the same way and for similar reasons to how milk is pasteurized. Liquid honey is the form of honey that results from the extraction and filtration process. It’s the most common form of honey you’re likely to find on supermarket shelves.

How the honey tastes depends on what the bees producing it have fed on. The colour can also vary, lighter-coloured honey typically tastes lighter and more citrus-like, while a darker honey suggests hints of spice and molasses.

If you would like to buy some of our own honey please call into Forever Green or the Business Centre Reception at Ransom Hall.

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  • Ransom Wood is such a beautiful place for our office. Not only is it a stunning location but the staff are amazing! We’d be lost without Alison and Sarah on the Business Centre Reception.

    Katie Trinder

    Dalmatian Systems

  • I love this place. I have worked here for the past seven years and I can highly recommend Oak House A.

    Pam Holt

    Diamond Soft Furnishings

  • I think I can speak on behalf of all the ‘newbies’ when I say that we are very pleased to be here and all of us have settled in very easily. The whole of your team are great to deal with at all levels and any matters are dealt with great expedience!

    Keith Winterton, Director

    Bing Electronics

  • You’re all stars and worth your weight in Gold and we Receptionists love and appreciate you !!

    Alison, Receptionist

    NHS Property Services, Birch House

  • Carl, thanks for your help today and over the last few weeks – you’ve been terrific, as have the whole estates maintenance team and it’s very much appreciated.

    Tracy Doucet, Director


  • Hi Jane, Tony the electrician has done exactly what was asked of him and turned it around quickly for me. Fantastic job thanks for your help.

    Karl Beard

    T K Construction

  • Thank you for your help and support, you are always so quick to respond in our hour of need and help wherever and whenever you possibly can.  It’s a pleasure to work on the park with you and all of your team.

    Michelle Edge, Manager

    Cedar House Nursery

  • We here at Focus Management for Business Ltd have been part of the Ransom Wood Business Park community for over four years and we occupy the ground floor of Oak House A & B.  Our experience of ‘living here’ is a very positive one, we find the staff around the business park very friendly and helpful.

    Malcolm Yates, MD

    Focus Management For Business

  • Hi Guys, In all seriousness as an individual I would like to thank you all at Ransom Wood Estates for the fantastic work you have all put in over the bad weather period.

    Sharon Bowskill

    Focus Management

  • You certainly have a wonderful team who work for you. Very impressed with the efficiency of your Workforce.

    Lorraine Gardiner

    Vision West Notts

  • We would like to send our thanks for all the work you have done recently at Cedar House. We were really impressed with your electricians Tony and Ben as to how they refused drinks ( we thought all trades people worked on tea and coffee supplies), how polite and considerate they were and finally how tidy they left our offices.

    Fiona and Sally


  • Thanks very much and it’s been a real pleasure working with you over the years also. As a landlord, you’ve been fantastic – always being helpful and proactive, I wish you and Jane and all the other staff at Ransomwood all the very best.

    Keith Hepple

    British Heart Foundation

  • I wanted to write to express our thanks and appreciation for all the help and support we have had from yourself and other members of your team.

    Elaine Wilson

    Mid Trent Local Cancer Network

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