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Fungus Foray at Ransom Wood

The Nottinghamshire Fungi Group (NFG) was established in July 1996 by a small group of enthusiasts who had begun an interest in fungi while attending courses arranged by the WEA. The intention of the founder members was to form a group that would foster and promote the study of fungi in all their forms and provide an educational opportunity for its members and the wider community.

A few weeks ago the group held a really successful event at Ransom Wood and Di Mears has recorded their findings below.

Our foray began in an area adjacent to the orchard and then we moved into the main area of woodland completing a circular walk.  In all we recorded over 100 species of fungi with some unusual ones.

Wood chips in the car park and under a new Holly hedge supported Bird’s Nest fungus (Crucibulum laevae), Hare’sfoot Inkcap (Coprinus lagopus), Red Lead Roundhead (Leratiomyces ceres), Wood Oysterling (Melanotus horizontalis) and Stubble Rosegill (Volvariella gloecephala).

In the woodland unusual finds included Tricholoma sulphureum with its typical smell of coal tar, Cortinarius fulvescens (only the second record in Notts), Pipe Club (Macrotyphula fistulosa) and Cinnamon Bracket (Hapalopilus nidulans (rutilans)).

On a bonfire site the tiny cups of Anthracobia maurilabra were found which is the first record in Nottinghamshire.

This was an excellent foray and hopefully we will be able to visit the site again.

The NFG welcomes anyone interested in learning more about the fungi that can be found in Nottinghamshire.  No previous knowledge is necessary to enjoy learning about fungi.  If you’re interested then give them a call on 07751 857369 or contact Ann on annward159@gmail.com



Photographs reproduced by kind permission of John Brown and Howard Williams.

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