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Ransom Wood – A Safe Place to Work

Here at Ransom Wood the health and wellbeing of our staff and our business community is our absolute priority. We are currently reviewing the recent Government guidelines on Covid 19 and taking the necessary measures to ensure that Ransom Wood is a very safe environment for the business community to work in.

Thankfully Ransom Wood already has many features that help it to be a safer environment and this is one of the reasons the site has still been used during the lock down. For example we have a large amount of outside space for the business community to use and the forest is on your door step. Our older buildings have lots of individual rooms where people are already self contained and our newer buildings feature aspects such as fresh air input which helps keep a healthy environment. We also have some properties such as The Willows which have very big foyers which is ideal for keeping up the social distancing.

We are now in the process of installing signage throughout the buildings to guide us all through the correct social distancing and cleanliness procedures we must now follow. Sanitising stations are being installed at all shared building entrances and outside all shared toilet and kitchen facilities and we would ask you to make use of these each time you enter a building or exit one of these facilities in order to help keep Ransom Wood a safe environment to work in. Please note that your responsibility for putting in place your own systems based on government guidelines starts from the front door of your office suite.

There will also be guidance when using communal areas including kitchens, toilet facilities and lifts. We will be limiting the numbers of people allowed in these facilities at any one time to keep you safe – please see the individual signage outside each facility for precise numbers. We would also ask you not to use any common area corridors for taking phone calls as we need to keep corridors clear for access and egress.

Cleaning remains a top priority for the site and we have our cleaning procedures under constant review during this pandemic and are following all the government advice.

Forever Green for the time being will remain closed but is under constant review in line with Government guidelines as to when and how we will reopen. We are however still taking bookings for meetings and events from July onwards. Our meeting rooms in Ransom Hall are also under review and we will issue a separate communication on these shortly.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to gradually welcoming you all back as soon as you are able. 

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  • Tyler ross


    Always really nice too

  • John Redfern


    Good food

  • David Draper


    Great place for taking pets a walk, lovely cafe with meeting rooms.

  • Pete Edwards


    A great place

  • Daryl Statham-waring


    Brilliant place, they have all sorts of businesses there. A cafe, hypnotherapy, hypnopuncture as well many others. Worth a drive up just to see what's there. Furthermore, it's in lovely surroundings.

  • Jo Harris


    Just go there and walk for miles! Beautiful views from strawberry hill too.

  • Stephen Sims


    Excellent.. I visited Maria Duerta Ellis for hypnotherapy.. Very nice lady who knows her job.

  • Philip Merry


    Go experience

  • T Butler


    Set in beautiful woodland.. a very relaxing place to work.

  • Bec Ward


    Very tranquil here, feel at real ease could get lost in my own thoughts

  • S Curran


    Lots of meeting rooms. Follow signes not sat nav to find entrence as its moved. Plenty of parking.

  • Andy long


    Nice business offices and restaurant

  • Robert West


    Love it. Great setting, and reasonable rents.

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