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A Poem About Cedar House

As you drive up the road, peeking out through the trees
Stands a lovely white house like you wouldn’t believe
Cedar House Nursery, a family, a team
When I leave for the day I leave with a beam
Full of learning and fun, lots of laughter and love
The staff you will meet go beyond and above

Christine and Steve, yes they run this show
Providing adventures and helping us grow
With Michelle at the helm, everything will be sorted
From the staff around us, we all feel supported
Its hard to describe the magic in this place
But my friends and I show it all over our face

There are wigwams and trucks, a caravan and a car
They have bikes and scooters, I’ve travelled so far
There is Mobilo and lego, water and sand
The ladies they teach us and give us a hand
Busy feet and yoga, crafting and drawing
One things for sure, you’ll never say boring!

From babies to toddlers and pre-school I’ve travelled
My skills and talents, oh how they’ve unravelled
Get ready for dinner, wash your hands, sit and wait
The life skills and manners we learn are so great
Dena’s dinners are yummy, I love pasta bake
Strawberry whip for afters or even a cake

So, thank you for the memories, the moments I’ll treasure
The experience I’ve gained here, you really can’t measure
School is my next stop, on the journey ahead
I can’t believe its time, leaving you guys I dread
You’ve all been amazing, so may people to adore
To my family at Cedar, I couldn’t love you more

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Published: 17th May 2019

A Poem About Cedar House

A poem about Cedar House nursery written by Alex and Laura Jones.

As you drive up the road, peeking out through the trees
Stands a lovely white house like you wouldn’t believe…….

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Published: 1st July 2014

Special Visitors to Cedar House Nursery

The nursery staff had arranged a special visit by Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade so that the little ones could learn all about what it’s like to be a fireman. How exciting!

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Published: 31st March 2014

Cedar House Nursery Rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted

Many parents have discovered Cedar House Day Nursery and realised what a fantastic environment for children it is, but now Ofsted have confirmed how wonderful it is by awarding OUTSTANDING in all areas.

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Google Reviews

  • Tyler ross


    Always really nice too

  • John Redfern


    Good food

  • David Draper


    Great place for taking pets a walk, lovely cafe with meeting rooms.

  • Pete Edwards


    A great place

  • Daryl Statham-waring


    Brilliant place, they have all sorts of businesses there. A cafe, hypnotherapy, hypnopuncture as well many others. Worth a drive up just to see what's there. Furthermore, it's in lovely surroundings.

  • Jo Harris


    Just go there and walk for miles! Beautiful views from strawberry hill too.

  • Stephen Sims


    Excellent.. I visited Maria Duerta Ellis for hypnotherapy.. Very nice lady who knows her job.

  • Philip Merry


    Go experience

  • T Butler


    Set in beautiful woodland.. a very relaxing place to work.

  • Bec Ward


    Very tranquil here, feel at real ease could get lost in my own thoughts

  • S Curran


    Lots of meeting rooms. Follow signes not sat nav to find entrence as its moved. Plenty of parking.

  • Andy long


    Nice business offices and restaurant

  • Robert West


    Love it. Great setting, and reasonable rents.

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